Dorm Tip #9: Electronics

Electronics: Here are some of the electronics I have found important or useful at school.

  • Fan/Heater: If your dorm doesn’t have central air or heat you should be equipped to keep your room cool in the warm weather and warm in the cold weather.
  • TV/Video Games: This isn’t necessary but there is plenty of down to at school. And it is always nice to take a break and play some games or watch TV.
  • Fridge: This is very important if you want to keep food or drinks in your dorm.
  • Microwave: Although you may have a meal plan you probably wont want to eat in the cafeteria all the time.  Microwavable meals and snacks are great to keep around when you are in a time crunch.
  • Computer: I recommend a laptop over a desktop. It is more convenient and you may need to bring it to some classes. Make sure you also have all applications such as Microsoft installed before classes start. Most classes will require these products.
  • Chargers: Don’t forget any chargers at home! You don’t want to drive hours out to school and find out you cant charge your phone until you buy a new charger.

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