Dorm Tip #14: College Furniture

Dresser (accessories)

  • Most college dressers that are provided with the room don’t have much space. For instance this is my dresser at CUA; it has three drawers, which doesn’t hold all of my clothes.
  • There are other ways to store clothes. You can keep them in storage bins or bags or your closet.
  • Pictured next to my bed is my dresser provided by CUA.


Desk (accessories)

  • Desk lamp.
  • Calendar to stay on top of your schedule. Mark due dates for projects, papers, and tests.
  • There are a few drawers in a desk. I tend to keep my chargers and electronics in one and books and school supplies in another.
  • If you intend on spending a lot of time at your desk doing homework, keep it clean and organized. Many people spend their time doing homework in the school library. It is sometimes hard to concentrate in your room.
  • Pictured is my college desk provided by CUA.



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