Dorm Tip #13: Bed

Bed (accessories)

  • Bring multiple pairs of sheets and blankets. Try to wash and change your sheets often to avoid getting sick.
  • Invest in a nice comforter if you plan on using the same one for yeas to come.
  • Bring an extra long mattress topper. College beds are not comfortable but a mattress topper provides much support.
  • A mattress cover will also keep you safe from bed bugs and allergens.
  • For back support I recommend a backrest pillow for late night reading or homework where you must sit up.
  • Check with your school about bringing bed risers but if your bed is not adjustable you may want to have these. you place them under each of the bed’s legs. This allows for more storage room under your bed.
  • In most cases, you can stack beds which give you more space in your room.
  • Pictured is a standard, adjustable dorm bed.




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