Dorm Tip #11: Accessories


  • Make you room feel more like a living environment instead of an empty cell; spruce up the place.
  • Bring posters to hang on your walls, flags, fatheads, and any decorations you think will be necessary.
  • I personally brought things such as a mini basketball hoop to hang on my door, mini hockey for the hallways, Xbox 360, and more.
  • If you are rooming with someone else, make sure the accessories you are bringing are fine with your roommate as well.
  • Know your schools policies and don’t break any guidelines for it may have repercussions.
  • If you are into music, bring an instrument. I recently purchased a guitar and play in my free time.
  • If you are into sports, bring a soccer ball, Frisbee, basketball, or any sport equipment.
  • Beanbag chairs and foldable chairs are convenient when you have people in your dorm. I highly recommend them if you intend on hosting friends and classmates.
  • Cork board and white boards are very convenient to have. Write messages or reminders on your white board and leave it on your door.
  • One of the most useful accessories I use is command hooks. You can hang things from keys, to clothes, to hats on them. There is always a use for them.




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