College Tip: Books


  • Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for books.
  • Every school has their own bookstore where students can purchase or rent books.
  • Books can be purchased or rented new or used. Renting books will be cheaper unless you ruin the book and you have to pay a fee.
  • You are allowed to write and highlight in rented books so there really is not much of a difference in renting or buying other than the price.
  • Buying or renting used books can be helpful for there may be notes already in the book. This may help you with your studies.
  • Some teachers will require you to buy or not buy certain books. I personally waited to purchase my books but there is the risk of books being out of stock.
  • You can also buy your books from other book stores such as barnes and noble or online at sites like
  • Some bookstores will buy your books back but they won’t give you much.
  • I recommend buying the books related to your major so you can refer to old books when necessary.
  • Take care of your books, write your name in them, and don’t lose them! Books can be very expensive. 

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