College Process Part III

Response from Schools

  • You will receive letters and or emails from the schools you’ve applied to regarding the status of your application. You have been accepted, declined, or offered a spot on the wait list.
  • If you have made it to the wait list and are still interested in the school make sure you respond to their waitlist mail as soon as possible. You will hear back when the school can reach a decision on whether you will be accepted at a later date.
  • Now you know you options. This is the time you narrow down your search
  • Create a list of pros and cons for each school.
  • Discuss financial situation with your parents if you haven’t done so and make sure to apply for Financial Aid.
  • Finally, narrow your decision to one school and send in the first deposit.

Congratulations On Your Decision!

  • Buy your school tees, sweater shirts, and apparel! Be proud of where you are going!
  • Now that you know what school you will be attending in the fall, keep researching things about your school that you want to know about.
  • You can call the school or send emails asking any questions you may have about your future their.
  • ALWAYS check your emails. Soon you will be appointed a school advisor, you will register for classes, and soon enough will be moving in.
  • Make sure you complete any necessary placement tests as soon as possible and register for classes before they fill up.

The following posts will be regarding dorm tips I think out as time passes during my first semester at Catholic University.


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