College Process Part II


  • Make sure you apply to all of the schools you are really interested in.
  • Many schools use the Common App, but there are schools that require supplemental essays or their own school application.
  • Make sure you give enough time to whoever you request letters of recommendation from. Check with your schools and find how many letters are necessary. There is nothing worse than requesting a letter of recommendation on short notice.
  • When you ask, ask in person. It is more sincere and most people will appreciate it much more. Emails are too risky and may not reach the requested person.
  • Spend a lot of time yourself reviewing your essays and applications. Simple mistakes on an application are easy to make but can be very detrimental. 
  • Also ask you high school teachers, parents, friends, and influential people you may know to revise and get constructive feedback. A powerful essay may help your chances of acceptance to a school.
  • Always ask schools about waving application fees. If there is a free application there isn’t any harm in applying.
  • With that said, if you are paying for application fees keep the number of applications you send reasonable. Be financially smart and do as much as you can afford to do.
  • Know the difference between early decision, regular decision, early action, interim decision and the dates. Don’t miss the application due dates or you could lose the opportunity to go to that school.
  • When you are confident in your application, send away and wait until the schools respond. Depending on how early you have submitted your application you may hear back as soon as October and November up to March and April. The sooner you apply, the sooner you will know of your acceptance or denial.
  • Apply to all scholarships you can. There’s nothing to lose by applying. And every dollar will help fund your education. 

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